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The students of the department of studies in Commerce presented various Research Articles/ Papers in the National and International conferences, Seminars and Workshops held at various Universities and Institutions.

Students paper Presentation Competition held on 18th April 2013, in JSS MahavidyaPeetha, JSS Academyof Technical Education, Post Graduation, Departmemt of Management Studies, Bangalore.

  1. Raghunath.T.,Meghana.K.B.,& Shruthi.B.G., won the Cash Prize for First Place with the paper titled “Convergence of Indiian Accounting Standards with IFRS – Perception of CA’s, Companies, Accounts preparers and Academicians in Mysore City”.
  2. Sachin.M.Bhat., Mahadevswamy.B., & Archana.B., titled “A study on problems & Strategies of Retailers”.
  3. Bharath.J., Chandramohan.B., Akshatha.M.D., titled “IFRS- A Boon to All”.
  4. Raghunath.T., titled “Consequences of Fair Value Accounting for Financial Instruments, A Study on HSBC Annuual Reportt – 2011.”

National Conference titled “FDI in Retail Sector” held on 17th April 2013 organized by Department of Commerce, Terresian College, Mysore.

  1. Bharath.J., Abhinaya.L.P., ArunKumar.S.V., titled “study on Employees Quality of WorkLife in Corporate Retail Outlets”.
  2. Mizba Saher & Santosh Kumar.K L., titled “Influence of HRM in Retail Sector- Issues and Challenges”.
  3. Yamuna, Dinesh Singh.J & Hemashree.S.M., titled “Impact of entry of Corporate entities towards Retail Sector in India” .
  4. Prashanth.N., Thrinesh .A.C ., & Ashok .M titled “FDI in Indian Ratil Sector- A boon or Bane”.
  5. Shruthi.B..G.., CanddraMohan.B., & Akshatha..M.D., titied “”issues of FDI & Internationalisation on Production”.

Second international conference held at Vellore Institute of Technology on “Emerging markets & issues in management” on 19th and 20th April 2013 with ISBN Number 978-93-5104-881-7

  1. Yogiith.L.J., Deepashree & Manu.H., Titled, “ Labour Welfare Measures and Retenttion Sttrategy – A Case Study on Automotive Industry, Mysore”.
  2. Bharath.J., Abhinaya.L.P., & Kavitha.T., tit “Worklife Balance of Employees – A Case SStudy in KSRTC, Mysore Division.
  3. Yamuna, Dinesh Singh.J & Pavan.M.N., ttitled, “A Study on Quality of WorkLife of Employee of CESCOM,Mysore”
  4. Mizba Saher & Santosh Kumar.K.L., titled “Social Entrepreneurship- A rise of New Era in India”

13th All India Students Conference of Company Secretaries 
Archana.B., presented a paper titled “Corporate leaders – Personality Development Programmes” held in Hyderabad on 7th & 8th 2012.

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